Installation Instructions - Distributed Systems
On setting up the system for the first time the following steps should be followed.

  1. Consider the following:
    Which computer is the server and record its IP number (eg This will be important for the client machine configuration.
    Stock groupings / headings for stock codes
  2. Set up Users:
    After installing the software you will need to change the Admin password. The default admin password is comcraft. Change the password and setup new users from the Users menu item in the Utilities menu, as follows:

    Set the Zone to 0 unless you have multiple stores. Level 9 is only for administrators, and should not be available during normal operations.

  3. Setup Master Details:
    Setup the Master details in the following screen. The last two sections are optional for point of sale and purchase orders modules.

  4. Configure client side software:
    The parameters for each program should look like this comdata 3306 nopassword. localhost will only be used in the parameters where you are installing on the file server.

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