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Company Background
Comcraft has been in business of producing software for PC's mainly since 1993, and in that time we have been producing packages for DOS and Windows environments. Since that time software has been used in the chartered accounting industry, general businesses (many and varied), and specific purpose situations (for example - economic analysis of projects utilising integrated quantitative Benefit/Cost analysis sub-systems). The programs have been used through out Australia successfully on DOS, Novel, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and other network systems. They have incorporated various industry standard databases, spreadsheets, word processors, 3 dimensional graphs/charts and other features as needed by various clients. Programming languages include Access, Basic, C, C++, Delphi, Pascal including many third party add-ons and software libraries.

We realise that producing software is more than just providing software that works. We can provide telephone or on-site support or set up connections directly with your computer to down load updates, fix bugs or simply watch and inform you of how to use your system.

Comcraft Software has been successfully installed on machines Australia wide. With the rapidly changing face of the computer industry, Comcraft is aware of the need to be constantly updating software and expertise. We are seeking to be at the leading edge of software development, whilst keeping in mind the need for the software reliability. As a result we are constantly consulting leading companies and other individuals involved in the software industry in order to ascertain what systems are likely to produce the best results.

As a consequence of our experience to date we have developed a system we call CDP (the Comcraft Development Platform). The CDP involves the use of multiple programming languages and software libraries, and is designed to build software that operates on less memory, runs faster and more efficiently, utilising multiple databases, operating on multiple operating systems (with minimal change for the user). In addition software has been designed to be scalable, that is, it is designed to produce software for both, those who want to run on a single PC, and those who want the program to be used by hundreds of users operating on a computer network.

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