Comcraft Accounting Software version 7

Comcraft software aims to produce software which can be used world wide from anywhere in the world. With that in mind we have worked hard on providing a secure frame work for accessing remote locations, however at the same time securing your data from what is called man in the middle attacks.

Our accounting software suites include the following:

Point Of Sale
Our comprehensive Point of Sale software, incorporates multiple stores, distributive processing, and encryption for remote processing via the internet or over dedicated connections. It contains all the usual tools, as well as end of day banking summaries, and multiple user defined scan codes for each item.

Accounting Needs
Our accounting software is user friendly and designed to meet the highest standards, with GST compliant features as well as customizable features incorporated in each module (i.e. build your own database screens, design your own reports, and integrate your designed reports into an integrated industry compatible spreadsheet, by just clicking on a button).

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