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Software Design
Need custom software? Just can't find what you're looking for in stores? Not all commercially available software caters for your exact needs. That is why Comcraft Software is there to create software for your specific requirements.

With experienced programmers in the most up to date programming languages (C, Delphi, Java, Distributed Systems experience, and more), we can help you design and integrate all of your software needs, giving your business an edge over your competitors.

Accounting Software
Our main focus is on developing distributed system technology. This means having secure access to your data anywhere in the world, with multiple points of presence.

Considerations include looking at, and implementing:
. Communications infrastructure
. A Security module including encrypted data connections
. Least Privilege Server configuration (Public and private considerations)
. Web Site and email Integration
. Supplier Integration
. Domain Name/Web Site Management tools
. Advice on Communications and Hardware configuration (Firewalls, Routers, NAT etc..)

The accounting software is user friendly and designed to meet the highest standards, with GST compliant features as well as customizable features incorporated in each module (eg. build your own database screens, design your own reports, and integrate your designed reports into an integrated industry compatible spreadsheet, by just clicking on a button).

Website Integration and Graphic Design
Why not take your company one step further, and join the thousands of businesses advertising and telling the world about your services on the Internet? We can arrange an appointment for one of our consultants to introduce you to this technology, and show you how to take your company to the next level.


Software Design
The latest in customizable software call us now!
Internet Dial-Up

Available now new high speed dsl connection.

Click here for more information of our services.

VR Tours
The latest in Virtual Reality is now here. Click here for more information.
Web Design
Specialising In Virtual Reality and E-commerce.
Contact us today for a free quote.
Hardware Sales
Check out our hardware and software at affordable prices.

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