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Artificial Agents

The Imagine being welcomed by a virtual character with the capacity to listen and to understand you as soon as you open your Web site or one of your applications.

An Agent is a 3D animated character with the ability "to speak" and "to listen". There is no window around the character, who can move freely across the computer screen over other applications or on your Web site.


Your Agent can be the ambassador of your company, represented by your mascot or by a character that has a mascot-like function. The character can have any kind of appearance you choose, from cartoon-style to realistic.

The character really lives. Its behaviour develops according to its relationship with the user. It reacts to your questions according to your built-in interface preferences and orients visitors to your site.

Agent Technology:

Comcrafts Agent Technology is based on software that integrates TextToSpeach, voice recognition, and dialog boxes.

Thanks to voice synthesis, an Agent can speak in several languages representing the text that you have written in synthesized sound. It can also read .wav files.
Thanks to its word recognition module, your Agent understands and reacts to your vocal prompting. It can therefore guide your multimedia presentations or simply be a fun office pal always ready to lend a helping hand.
Comic strip-style dialog boxes let you read the text that is spoken by the Agent.
Artificial intelligence links a basis of knowledge to your Agent so that it can understand user's questions.


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